Preparing Bathrooms for Professional Real Estate Photos

November 9, 2016
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November 9, 2016 JanaTorvi

In today’s digital world, 90% of real estate buyers start their search online.  And, bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so we highlight them in our professional real estate photos and videos.  Follow these important steps to get your bathrooms photo (and video)-ready!

  1. De-clutter -This is the most important tip. A cluttered bathroom doesn’t photograph well and simply makes spaces appear much smaller.
  2. Remove or hide all personal care items – Even high quality products need to be completely out of the photos.  Bathrooms are very personal, and buyers do not want to imagine people using them in their future home.
  3. Remove almost everything from the counters. (Sometimes we suggest leaving one or two attractive, non-personal, items (like a floral arrangement). Our photographer will advise you on this.
  4. Clean the tub and shower – In almost all cases, taking photos with the shower curtain open will help the bathroom appear more spacious, so don’t skip this step! Get that tub ready to be in the pictures!  Remove all soap/shampoo bottles, razors etc.
  5. Clean and wipe down all surfaces – Discolorations, debris, and even streaks on glass… it all shows in the photos.
  6. Toilet Seats – Place all of them down.
  7. Towels and mats – We generally recommend removing them.  Occasionally, pristine and new towels can be left in place.
  8. Trash Cans – Hide them!  No one wants to see – or even imagine – your trash!
  9. Light Bulbs – Replace any burnt out light bulbs. More light means better photos, and burnt out bulbs suggest poor maintenance.

Follow these steps and your bathrooms will be ready for photos.  The results will be well worth the effort – we promise!

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