Preparing Your Kitchen for Professional Real Estate Photos

August 23, 2016
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August 23, 2016 JanaTorvi

In today’s digital world, 90% of real estate buyers start their search online.  Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, so we highlight them in our Palm Beach, Broward, and Martin County professional real estate photos and videos!  Get that kitchen prepped for the shoot by taking these critical steps.

  1. De-clutter -This is the most important tip. A cluttered kitchen doesn’t photograph well and simply makes spaces appear much smaller.
  2. Remove everything from the kitchen counters – (Sometimes we suggest leaving one or two attractive, high-quality, items or appliances for scale.  Our photographer will advise you on this.
  3. Prep the refrigerator – Remove all magnets or decorations.  We know this can be time-consuming, but trust us… it is worth it!  The clear surface give a place for the eye to rest and allows buyers to imagine adding their own items.
  4. Shelves and cabinets – De-clutter shelves. If your cabinets are of the style that display the contents, de-clutter those cabinets and only display items in a common, neutral color palate.  Or – even better – remove all of almost all items from some or all of the shelves that are visible.
  5. Clean and dry the kitchen sink – Put away all sponges, soaps, etc…. Yes, all of them!
  6. Clean and wipe down all surfaces – Discolorations, debris, and even streaks on glass… it all shows in the photos.
  7. Dish Towels, Oven Mitts, and Mats – We usually recommend removing them.  Occasionally, pristine and new towels can be left in place.
  8. Trash Cans – Hide!  No one wants to see – or even imagine – your trash!
  9. Pets – Hide any water/food bowls and toys.  We love animals, but most buyers don’t want to imagine other people’s fury friends living in their future home.
  10. Light Bulbs – Replace any burnt out light bulbs. More light means better photos, and burnt out bulbs suggest poor maintenance.
  11. Kitchen table or breakfast area – If you have nice place settings, place them out neatly.  Keep the settings minimalist!  (Sometimes a completely clear table is even better!)
  12. Vases – Fresh flowers or other decorations can look great and if they make the home inviting without cluttering.

Follow these steps to get your kitchen ready its close-up.  The results will be well worth the effort – we promise!

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