Preparing Your Home for Professional Photos

February 10, 2016
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February 10, 2016 JanaTorvi

Please use the following checklist when preparing your listing for our professional photo appointment! This will ensure that we get the best results possible when capturing images of the home.

Inside The Home

  1. De-clutter -This is the most important tip. A cluttered home doesn’t photograph well and can also make spaces appear much smaller.
  2. Depersonalize – Family portraits, offensive art and sports team memorabilia should be put away when possible.
  3. Seasonal/Holiday Decorations – These items can quickly outdate your photographs.
  4. Dust/Vacuum – This goes without saying but with today’s high resolution images the camera sees everything.
  5. Beds – Make all beds, align bed skirts, and fluff pillows.
  6. Clean Kitchen Sink – Put away all sponges soaps etc.
  7. Clear Kitchen Counters – Put away blenders, toasters, coffee makers etc.
  8. Clear Bathroom Counters – Put away any and all personal items.
  9. Shower – Remove all soap/shampoo bottles, razors etc.
  10. Towels – Leave guest towels out and hide all others.
  11. Trash Cans – Hide!
  12. Refrigerator – Remove all magnets or decorations.
  13. Pets – Hide any water/food bowls and toys.
  14. Toilet Seats – Place all of them down.
  15. Light Bulbs – Replace any burnt out light bulbs. More light means better photos.
  16. Dining Room Table – If you have nice place settings, place them out neatly.
  17. Vases – Fresh flowers or other decorations that make the home inviting without cluttering.

Outside of The Home

  1. Roof – Have the roof pressure-washed.  Dirt and debris are very noticeable in the aerials.
  2. Lawn Trimmed – Neatly trimmed and manicured lawns always photograph better.
  3. Animals – Clean up after any pets.
  4. De-clutter – Remove any trash cans, water hoses, tools, toys etc.
  5. Yard Decorations – Remove any yard decorations such as pink flamingos, etc.
  6. Driveway/Walkways – Sweep leaves and yard clippings. Pressure wash if needed.
  7. Pool – Remove security gate, clean pool, remove toys and vacuum.
  8. Exterior Lighting – If Twilight photos will be taken, replace any burnt out bulbs.
  9. Umbrellas – Open patio umbrellas or awnings.
  10. Grill – Uncover grill and hide cover.
  11. Seasonal Decorations – Remove any decorations that can date the photograph.

Right Before the Photographer Arrives

  1. Lights – Turn on all interior lights even under cabinet lighting.
  2. Fans – Turn off all fans.
  3. Fireplace – Light all fireplaces if possible.
  4. Blinds – Open all shades, blinds and curtains. You want to let in as much light as possible. (Think bright!)
  5. Cars – Remove all vehicles from driveway and if possible keep from parking them in front of the house.
  6. Animals – Remove animals from any room that will be photographed.
  7. Cars – Ensure that cars have been parked at least three houses away (homeowner’s and Realtor’s cars!)

Special considerations for Twilight Photography (if applicable)

Twilight photos are a unique way to showcase your listing and our magical South Florida evenings. Homes that photograph well with this technique generally have significant outdoor lighting, typically “uplighting” from ground-level lights directed up.  Pool lights, water features, and large windows are also features that lend themselves well to twilights.  If we are shooting twilights for you, please be sure that all outdoor bulbs are working, etc.

Special considerations for Community / Subdivision Amenities

For legal reasons, our photographers are not permitted to capture images of people in our photos.  For this reason, if you’d like us to photograph community amenities when we shoot your listing (e.g. community pool, fitness room, etc.), please arrange for such facilities to be free of people (or plan to request that people step out of the photo for a moment).

Special considerations for 3D Virtual Tours (Matterport)

Because of the way the 3D tour technology works, it is very important that the home be clear of people and pets while we are shooting.  If they are captured in the imaging, they present as a “blur” in the tour, so we ask that arrangements are made to ensure any service people (landscapers, pool people, etc) and pets are not present during the shoot!



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