Why Get Professional Real Estate Photography?

Professional real estate photography is arguably the most critical element of property marketing. In 2006, over 80 percent of home buyers used the internet to look for homes while in 2010, 89 percent of property buyers used the internet. The United States’ National Association of Realtors (NAR) survey of 2010 also revealed that over 60 percent of those who used the internet to buy homes rated photography as their number one most useful tools. Besides, as many consumers access and use more technology devices, such as iPads, iPods, laptops, smart phones, and tablets, they learn to appreciate the importance of the internet to their buying decisions. They also learn to distinguish between professional property photos and point-and-shoot photos. Therefore, apart from listing property on a local MLS and online, using professional photographs holds a massive potential for enhancing sales.

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Pro Real Estate Photography Helps Create The Best First Impression

Graceful property photographs help to create the best first impression on potential clients. Outstanding photos grab the attention of potential buyers and hold them long enough to survey and admire the property. Bad pictures agitate no interest because nobody wants to waste time on a real estate property that looks unsightly. Besides, unprofessionally done photos rarely capture the true nature of the property on sale. For instance, spacious rooms will appear small, uninviting, and dark; stunning architecture will warp into strange and unattractive angles; while windows with jaw-dropping looks will become walls of bizarre white light. Potential buyers who encounter dark and cluttered photos will simply move to other listings in order to save themselves from the awfulness of viewing unsightly property. Indeed, real estate property sellers, realtors, and agents need professional photos to get the requisite first impression and to win new clients.

Houses That Have Real Estate Photography Sell Faster

Professionally photographed properties sell faster than point-and-shoot photographed properties. According to one real estate photography survey, professional photos drew a 139 percent increase in the number of clicks than similar unprofessionally done photos. While the increased number of clicks does not necessarily mean that an increased number of the right clients viewed the photos, reaching more buyers enhances the chances of getting the right buyers. Moreover, since property marketing is typically an expensive venture, getting more clicks through investment on professional photography ensures that the marketing budget yields the much needed return on investment. Furthermore, the increased buyer interest and traffic will translate into more calls and quick selling of listed property.

The cutthroat competition in the real estate industry requires that sellers depict the best image possible for their properties in order to sell. Property that does not stand out from the rest will definitely not get a competitive edge. For instance, over 40 percent of online real estate properties are marketed using professional photos. Furthermore, properties with high listing prices tend to use professional photos than low priced property, with at least 70 percent of highly priced property using professional photos while only 29 percent of low priced property using professional services. Therefore, all sellers intending to list high value and high priced property need to use professional real estate photography to match the tight competition. Similarly, those with low priced property can take advantage of professional photography to open up a huge advantage over their competitors.

Real Estate Photography For Better Branding

Through consistent quality professional real estate photography, property sellers, real estate companies, realtors, and agents can succeed in their branding efforts. The splendid photos would project the company as selling high value properties with unwavering consistency. This will, in turn, boost the company’s popularity, credibility, and trust among potential and existing clients. The company’s real estate products will become brands on huge demand. Since a massive number of real estate property sales come from referrals, wonderful and professionally done photographs will give the company’s clients something to share with their friends, workmates, and family. A company or realtor that shows its clients that it operates professionally will get more clients and more business. Certainly, professional photography is a critical way of solidifying your gains in branding.

Houses With Professional Real Estate Photography Normally Sell For A Higher Price

Even as many real estate property sellers recognize the fact that professionally photographed properties sell faster, a good portion is not aware of the ability of the photos to command higher prices. Well, this is a gain that every seller deserves! After completing a splendid home, it is only fair that it is competitively priced so that the seller can make profits from the property. According to a Redfin brokerage survey of 2010, property listings with professionally done photos sold at higher prices that similar property with point-and-shoot photography. Where some sellers asked for $200,000 to $300,000 for their listed property, those who hired professional photographers asked for an average of $935 more. In high end properties that are priced at $1 million and above, the average price increase for professionally photographed property is $116,076. Therefore, the financial gains of hiring professional photographers exceed the costs, even in low asking prices.



Professional photography is a great way of saving time and effort. Photo taking is a time consuming task and, sometimes, the realtor will be compelled to drive from room to room in order to get the best shots. Besides, after getting the photos, they will need to be pulled from the camera, placed onto computers, redesigned to suit marketing objectives, and uploaded online. The strain may be horrible if something goes amiss after all that much labor, especially if the photos are blurred, unclear, or unsightly, and the realtor is forced to go back and retake the shots. Conversely, professional photographers are experienced and skilled in these tasks. They will complete the work in time and email the photos or just post them directly on their clients’ sites. Furthermore, professional photographers have the right equipment to use in making the photos as appealing and useful as possible.


Why Use Our Professional Photography Services

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