RIS Media: Properties photographed by drones sold 68 percent faster!

March 14, 2017
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March 14, 2017 JanaTorvi

“According to MLS statistics, properties photographed by drones sold 68 percent faster.” – RIS Media

Hiring drones (and their operators) to capture HDR aerial images and video has become increasingly popular among real estate professionals. Annual commercial drone sales are expected to reach 2.5 million units some time in 2017, and the real estate industry is projected to be one of the largest groups to capitalize on drone technology.  In fact, experts predict we (the real estate industry) will account for 22 percent of total commercial drone use by 2020!

We add 5 to 7 beautiful, sharp, colorful HDR aerial photos to any package (that doesn’t already include them) for a discounted rate of $100.00.

Here are three main reasons why aerials help attract buyers (and attract more listings!)

  1. Buyers are intrigued by aerial photos.  Since the technology is still fairly new and not as widely used in other parts of the country (think New England, New York, Midwest), our South Florida real estate buyers are always “wow’ed” when they see a bird’s eye view of a property they might purchase.  (Plus, our aerials are always shot in HDR – high dynamic range – so they are always crisp and bright.) Consider using a great aerial shot as your first exterior shot on MLS and in your tours, as it will grab attention.
  2. Sellers have come to expect aerial photos.  Because drones have made these types of images so accessible, most sellers expect you to include them in your shoot, unless there is some reason not to (for example you are not looking to emphasize the proximity of I-95 or a less than desirable feature).
  3. They provide buyers with critical information!  This might be the most practical reason to include a drone shoot in your plan.  How large is the lot?  How large is the lot in relation to neighboring lots? What is the proximity to the ocean, the river, or the 7th hole?  What part of the subdivision is the home in?  Is it near the clubhouse? Near the community entry?  Close to schools? Does the property back to a preserve?  Helping buyers and their agents determine if a home is a good potential fit for them –  it’s good business to provide relevant information.

Call us today at (561) 600-3824 to book your shoot, and – if it’s right for your listing – ask us to include aerials!

Picture It Sold Photography is a local team of five photographers and a support staff in our Jupiter office.  We shoot HDR photos, videos, aerials, and 3D tours for MLS listings in Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, and St Lucie Counties.


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