How to save time and get better quality real estate listing photos and videos

February 2, 2017
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February 2, 2017 JanaTorvi

Leaders from one of our favorite real estate companies are always talking about “leverage,” and we sooooo get it!  To the leaders of this office, getting leverage is about hiring assistants or associates who can do some of the tasks that take up lots of time (like transaction coordination, scheduling showings, or working with buyer leads).  This frees up the time of the key player to focus on the critical things that he or she is best at (like prospecting, brokering deals, and relationship sales activity so critical to success in real state sales).

Our most successful Realtor clients really understand leverage, and they hire us to provide high quality – yet affordable – HDR photography, full-motion walk-through video, HDR aerial photos, and other photography products for their real estate listings.

One of our clients articulated it very well when he said, “Why would I spend hours on all of the steps needed to take my own listing photos?  Buying and maintaining a camera, battery, and lenses – not to mention a drone, drone camera, batteries, etc… upgrading it when needed… loading the memory card… getting out to the listing… doing the last-minute decluttering that is inevitably required… framing and taking each photo… and then still spend hours merging and editing the photos… Do you know how much money I can make if I spend that time prospecting?”

Professional real estate photographers get the job done quickly and throughly. They don’t fumble around with their equipment or spend too much time trying to get the right exposure. They take excellent photos because they’ve mastered their occupation.

At Picture It Sold Photography, our team of talented real estate photographers and editors have shot and processed photos and videos for more than 4,000 residential properties in South Florida since opening in 2014. Our Realtor clients trust us to be prepared and on time, deliver the completed products on time, and do it all while representing you well to your sellers.

If you want to save time and get better photographs, contact us today!  We are your go-to resource for high quality and affordable HDR photography, aerials, and full-motion walk-though videos for MLS listings.   We serve Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, and St Lucie counties and we can help you be more efficient and effective, too!  Because it’s all about leverage.


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