Do we still shoot if the weather is bad? YES! And you will love us for it. Here’s why…

March 3, 2017
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March 3, 2017 JanaTorvi

Oh no!  You’ve planned. You’ve staged. Your sellers have cleaned and landscaped, and sent the dogs to doggie day care… you’ve got an MLS deadline to meet… but the clouds just rolled in! 

Don’t panic! We rarely need to cancel shoots. If it’s overcast, or raining lightly, we still shoot and get great results. With still photos, we always replace the gray sky with a blue sky when it is needed at no additional charge. And, because we only shoot HDR photos, we can enhance the light and reduce shadow as needed in the editing process. We understand that as a Realtor in our area, you aren’t simply selling homes, you are selling the beautiful South Florida climate.

Post-production techniques also help mitigate the negative impact that rain has on your marketing schedule (and your nerves!). Most of our Realtor clients contact us to schedule a shoot “asap!” and would like to get photos on MLS right away. Typically, your sellers are anxious to get the process moving. From a sales perspective, it’s best to take advantage of that momentum. Post-production techniques allow us to cancel fewer shoots and get you your photos faster.

Here’s our protocol: If the weather is questionable, the photographer will generally call your mobile number about an hour before the shoot. (We wait until this time to get as accurate a read as possible on the radar. South Florida weather is quite unpredictable!) Based on the radar and the circumstances, we will make a call about whether to shoot. We often find if it’s raining hard, if we wait a bit, it passes and we can shoot again. You know what they say about South Florida… If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes or drive five blocks!

Picture It Sold Photography is a local team of five photographers and a support staff in our Jupiter office.  We shoot HDR photos, videos, aerials, and 3D tours for MLS listings in Palm Beach, Broward, Martin, and St Lucie Counties.


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